Sturdy Press “original” Specs

The press is 15 * 20 * 8 inches ,the support legs are 23 inches long ,and the lever arm is 27 inches long. The weight of the press is 15 lbs.

The cheese mold area is 12 inches wide by 10 inches high ( large enough for a pot for pressing in the whey). The same press with a 14 inch high cheese mold area is also available.

It has 2 fulcrum positions ( PIN A and PIN B) . The mechanical advantage of the pin positions are 5x for PIN A and 9x for PIN B.

Follower movement without resetting press is 1 3/4 inch for PIN A and 1 1/4 inch for PIN B.

The tare weight ( pressing weight with no weights on the lever arm ) is 3.6 lbs for PIN A and 4.8 lbs for PIN B. ( The weight of each piece of wood in the lever arm can vary slightly so these tare weights can vary slightly with each press )

The designed maximum pressing weight is 300 lbs but the Sturdy Press is capable of 450 lbs. As shown in the video the press should be clamped down when the lever arm weight is over 33 lbs ( 300 lbs pressing weight Pin B ).

The Sturdy Press is made with selected kiln dried Fir. It is finished with food grade mineral oil. The anti-friction is HDPE plastic. ( the same plastic as used in good quality cheese molds)

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