SturdyPress “original”




Making hard cheese requires a force to press on the curds in the mold. For home or small batch ( under 6 gallons of milk ) you will need up to about 350 lbs.

The Sturdy Press is a two position lever press. It has a selectable mechanical advantage of 5x or 9x.

The Sturdy Press is ACCURATE. The accuracy is a result of its design and the anti-friction plate on the lever arm.

The Sturdy Press is STURDY. This cheese press is capable of pressing cheese with 350+ lbs.

The Sturdy Press is EASY TO USE. To get any cheese pressing weight you want, just measure the correct amount of water into a plastic jug and hang it on the lever arm.

This is what sturdy press owners are saying.

Sturdy Press “original” specs.

Sturdy Press “original” Video

The first part of the video shows the accuracy, the second part of the video shows how sturdy. You will see that when pressing above 300 lbs the press should be clamped down.

OUT OF PRODUCTION… Plans available on the DIY plans page.


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