SturdyPress “original”




Making hard cheese requires a force to press on the curds in the mold. For home or small batch ( under 6 gallons of milk ) you will need up to about 350 lbs.

The Sturdy Press is a two position lever press. It has a  s electable mechanical advantage of 5x or 9x.

The Sturdy Press is ACCURATE. The accuracy is a result of its design and the anti-friction plate on the lever arm.

The Sturdy Press is STURDY. This cheese press is capable of pressing cheese with 350+ lbs.

The Sturdy Press is EASY TO USE. To get any cheese pressing weight you want, just measure the correct amount of water into a plastic jug and hang it on the lever arm.

This is what sturdy press owners are saying.

Sturdy Press “original” specs.